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Departmental Appeal Officers/Public Information Officers/Asstt. Public Information Officers in State level (Head Office)

Departmental Appeal Officers Public Information Officers Asst.Public Information Officers
Designation Telephone Designation Telephone Designation Telephone
Deputy Commissioner 0135-2662254 Asst. Commissioner 0135-2662254 Section Officer 0135-2662254

Departmental Appeal Officers/Public Information Officers/Asstt. Public Information Officers in District level

Departmental Appeal Officers Public Information Officers Asst.Public Information Officers
Designation/Address/Email Designation/Address/Email Designation/Address/Email
D.M./ District Election Officer, Almora. dm-alm-ua@nic.in Prabhari Adhikari, Panchasthani Chunawalaya,Almora. adeopael.alm@gmail.com Asst.District Election Officer (ADEO), Almora. adeopael.alm@gmail.com
D.M./District Election Officer, UdhamSingh Nagar. dm-usn-ua@nic.in Prabhari Adhikari, Panchasthani Chunawalaya,UdhamSingh Nagar. electionoffice.p2011@gmail.com Asst.District Election Officer (ADEO), UdhamSingh Nagar. electionoffice.p2011@gmail.com
D.M./District Election Officer, Champawat. dm-chp-ua@nic.in Prabhari Adhikari, Panchasthani Chunawalaya,Champawat. panchasthani@gmail.com Asst.District Election Officer (ADEO), Champawat. panchasthani@gmail.com
D.M./District Election Officer, Nainital. dm-nai-ua@nic.in Prabhari Adhikari, Panchasthani Chunawalaya, Nainital. adeopntl@gmail.com Asst.District Election Officer (ADEO), Nainital. adeopntl@gmail.com
D.M./District Election Officer, Pithoragarh. dm-pit-ua@nic.in Prabhari Adhikari, Panchasthani Chunawalaya, Pithoragarh. panchayat2013election@gmail.com

Asst.District Election Officer (ADEO), Pithoragarh. panchayat2013election@gmail.com

D.M./District Election Officer, Bageshwar. dm-bag-ua@nic.in Prabhari Adhikari, Panchasthani Chunawalaya, Bageshwar. adeopbgr123@gmail.com Asst.District Election Officer (ADEO), Bageshwar. adeopbgr123@gmail.com
D.M./District Election Officer, Uttarkashi. dm-utt-ua@nic.in Prabhari Adhikari, Panchasthani Chunawalaya, Uttarkashi. panchasthani.uttarkashi@gmail.com Asst.District Election Officer (ADEO), Uttarkashi. panchasthani.uttarkashi@gmail.com
D.M./District Election Officer, Chamoli. dm-cha-ua@nic.in Prabhari Adhikari, Panchasthani Chunawalaya, Chamoli. electionpanchayatchamoli@gmail.com Asst.District Election Officer (ADEO), Chamoli. electionpanchayatchamoli@gmail.com
D.M./District Election Officer, Tehri Garhwal. dm-teh-ua@nic.in Prabhari Adhikari, Panchasthani Chunawalaya, Tehri Garhwal. panchasthani.tehri@gmail.com Asst.District Election Officer (ADEO), Tehri Garhwal. panchasthani.tehri@gmail.com
CDO, Dehradun. cdodoon@gmail.com ADEO (P) , Dehradun. panchasthani.dehradun@gmail.com Sr. Clerk , Dehradun. panchasthani.dehradun@gmail.com
D.M./District Election Officer, Pauri Garhwal. dmgarhwal@gmail.com Prabhari Adhikari, Panchasthani Chunawalaya, Pauri Garhwal. panchasthani.pauri@gmail.com Asst.District Election Officer (ADEO), Pauri Garhwal. panchasthani.pauri@gmail.com
D.M./District Election Officer, Rudraprayag. dm-rud-ua@nic.in Prabhari Adhikari, Panchasthani Chunawalaya, Rudraprayag. panchasthani.rudraprayag@gmail.co Asst.District Election Officer (ADEO), Rudraprayag. panchasthani.rudraprayag@gmail.com
D.M./District Election Officer, Haridwar. dm-har-ua@nic.in Prabhari Adhikari, Panchasthani Chunawalaya, Haridwar. panchasthani.haridwar@gmail.com Asst.District Election Officer (ADEO), Haridwar. panchasthani.haridwar@gmail.com

Telephone No. of ADEO/Asstt. Public Information Officers

District Designation Telephone Nos.
Almora Asst.District Election Officer (ADEO) 05962-232828
UdhamSingh Nagar Asst.District Election Officer (ADEO) 05944-245783
Champawat Asst.District Election Officer (ADEO) 05965-230386
Nainital Asst.District Election Officer (ADEO) 05942-248436
Pithoragarh Asst.District Election Officer (ADEO) 05964-225392
Bageshwar Asst.District Election Officer (ADEO) 05963-221375
Uttarkashi Asst.District Election Officer (ADEO) 01374-222613
Chamoli Asst.District Election Officer (ADEO) 01372-253469
Tehri Garhwal Asst.District Election Officer (ADEO) 01376-232884
Dehradun Asst.District Election Officer (ADEO) 0135-2726732
Pauri Garhwal Asst.District Election Officer (ADEO) 01368-222061
Rudraprayag Asst.District Election Officer (ADEO) 01364-233812
Haridwar Asst.District Election Officer (ADEO) 01334-239454

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